Like Portugal’s Debt, Tuesday Night Red Sox Victory Downgraded to Junk

Earlier today, Portugal had its debt downgraded to junk. A similar thing happened tonight in Boston where S&P was ready to bestow a solid “investment grade” rating on the Red Sox victory over Toronto but in light of Jon Papelbon’s meltdown, my sources tell me the victory’s rating has been reduced to junk. And truthfully, one has to wonder if it actually was a win as it sure seemed like Eddie Encarnacion’s right foot touched home before Jason Varitek touched him for the game’s final out. Oh well, they all count the same.

Just a few thoughts on tonight …..

* The big news is obviously Jon Lester and his early departure. The Sox are saying he strained his lat and Comcast’s Sean McAdam has a source telling him that means two weeks. If that is the case, it might mean just one start. Here is the math … Lester will miss his Sunday start but with the break, the Sox could slot him at the back of the rotation coming out of the break, meaning he would go again on Tuesday, July 19. Sounds like two weeks to me, no?

* What will the Sox do on Sunday? It could mean a spot start for Ace Aceves. Or the Sox could dig into Pawtucket and bring up Kyle Weiland or Kevin Millwood.  Both would have to be added to the 40-man, a fact that probably leaves Aceves in the lead to make that start. That said, Mike Cameron’s departure leaves an opening on the 40-man so I wouldn’t rule out Weiland, particularly since he has been burning up the International League since mid-May.

* Tonight’s Pap meltdown was probably a little overdue. But boy, you could really feel it pick up steam after Bautista took him deep. I can forgive the Bautista shot but giving up a big hit to John McDonald is hardly the stuff of heroes. As far as saves go, that was about as “hack” as they come.

* To all the Buster Olney’s of the world … “THAT IS WHY YOU BLOCK THE PLATE!” Nice sling by Darnell, by the way.  I am just about done with Darnell but it is worth mentioning that Carl Crawford probably throws an incompletion there.

* Here is a wonderful piece of reactionary logic from our friend Pete Abraham tonight. Check out this tweet: “I’d doubt Lester starts Sunday. Sounds like a DL for sure. More to come after the game.” Pete, if Lester is headed to the DL “for sure,” that doesn’t leave much room for “doubt.”

And finally, after two years of unemployment ….. I start a new job tomorrow. This time, I will be writing about the markets and framing investment ideas for a reputable (and expensive) subscription-based news service. I’ll still be blogging here, but brevity will be a theme going forward.


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