Was JD Drew Just Read His Last Rites?

This may be apropos of something or it may be nothing at all, but Josh Reddick is in today’s lineup for the Red Sox and JD Drew is not.

There are several explanations for why Reddick is in there today. Maybe this is just a typical “day game after a night game substitution?” Alternatively, perhaps Drew is still struggling with his hamstring. Or maybe, Francona just didn’t like Drew’s career numbers against White Sox starter Gavin Floyd (2-14) and decided this was a good day to give the kid a shot. These are all plausible explanations.

But so is this …. Drew is ready to hear his last rites and Reddick has swung the bat well since being called up last week. I realize it was garbage time by the time he appeared, but last night Reddick smoked one ball off Phil Humber and nutted another off reliever Brian Bruney. Shouldn’t that count for something? Especially since you can count on one hand how many times this year Drew has cracked two balls in one game.

So has Terry finally caught on? Has Theo finally given his blessing to begin JD’s phaseout? And is this the beginning of the end for JD Drew?

To offer a definitive “YES” is probably jumping the gun a bit but as one who has been pressing for a change in RF, I am encouraged by today’s development. That said, I don’t want to get my hopes up and then see the manager protect one of his veterans with one of his typical “there is nothing to see here” speeches.

So I am not going hog wild buying Josh Reddick stock on the open market this morning. But I did buy a little on the theory that all phaseouts have to start somewhere and a Wednesday afternoon matinee with Chicago is as good a place as any to mark the beginning of the end of the JD Drew Era.



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