God I Wish Tony Allen Was Still Around!

Ten Thoughts on yesterday’s bag of crap from Miami:

* I am more worried about James Jones repeating what he did yesterday than I am about Dwayne Wade going 14-21 again. Wade’s inevitable reversion will cost the Heat a game.

* The Celtics bench was once again a horror show and there is no way Boston will win this series if the bench players continue to post decidedly negative +/- numbers. How can a group made of West-Green-Davis-Kristic-Allen get pummeled so consistently?

* Jeff Green disgusts me. God I wish Tony Allen was around to save us from Jeff Green.

* It makes me sick to my stomach to watch Dwayne Wade preen like peacock and pretend he is some sort of tough guy. God I wish Tony Allen was around to slap the cuffs on Wade.

* Bill Simmons called yesterday’s effort “lethargic.” Bill …. when Paul Pierce stumbles, falls down and turns the ball over, it is not because he is lethargic. It’s because he is 33.

* I can’t stand when I hear sophomoric fans say …. “we need so and so in there to knock some heads.” Well, the Celtics could use Shaq out there to lay some wood. And if that means a trip to the dentist for Wade, so be it.

* Rajon Rondo must dominate Mike Bibby and instead, he spent sixteen minutes on the bench in yesterday’s first half.  Rondo was miserable yesterday but he still finished with a +/- of 7. I’ll take that “7” on Tuesday just so long as it comes over 40 minutes, not 32.

* When you are down four with 19 seconds left in a quarter, you CAN’T lose the ball and give up another basket to finish the quarter down six.

* Paul Pierce has to do a better job checking his emotions. That said, his ejection yesterday was a joke.

* God I wish Tony Allen was still around!


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