The Rain Is Starting To Get Pretty Heavy

You know things are going badly when ……..

* Your cleanup guy comes up twice with a man on third and less than two outs and each time, he strikes out. In case you were wondering, said player is a .426 career hitter in that spot.

* The 25th man on your roster comes into a 3-2 game in the sixth and proceeds to hit two guys and then – on four pitches – walk a guy who was trying to give himself up. If his next effort is half as bad, the Sox will have a new 25th man by Monday.

* Your catcher, who is playing in his 15th MLB season, reverts back to his Babe Ruth League days and forgets to tag a runner who is no longer being forced from third. He calls the play the “weirdest” he has ever seen, which is odd because he also said “I didn’t actually see the play.”

* Your starting pitcher requires 96 pitches to make it through five innings and that is an IMROVEMENT from the night before. By allowing two first inning runs last night, this pitcher showed he stands ready to repeat as the AL’s 2011 “Worst First Inning” pitcher.

* Your leadoff hitter is now riding an 0-14 that is punctuated by five punchouts.

* Your shortstop is 1-16 and the “one” travelled about sixty feet. Just a hunch but I doubt the GM is still fielding many calls where the caller asks: “Is Marco available?”

* After one turn in the rotation, your starting pitchers have struck out a total of just twelve batters.

* You are sending your ace out of the mound on the seventh day of the season and it feels like both a “must win” and a “sure loss.”

Hey, at least the Birds lost …….



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