Thirty Predictions for the Boston Sports Year Ahead

Boston will win one title in 2011 and make two other final fours, but there is going to be a gut-wrenching loss in the year ahead.

Adrian Gonzalez will be the second Boston figure to win a MVP in calendar 2011, slashing .282/.403/567 and launching 42 bombs.

Jonathan Papelbon does not finish the season as the Red Sox closer.

Celtics-Heat will be the best series of the year and that includes Baseball and Hockey.

Paul Pierce will finish just short of shooting 50% on the year, but .488 will still be a career best.

Ryan Lavarnway explodes for the Sea Dogs/Pawsox, positioning him to DH and do some catching for the 2012 Red Sox.

The month of May will be awesome in Boston.

The Red Sox take 10 off the Yanks and 11 off the Rays.

Win or lose, this is it for Doc Rivers.

Clay Buchholz experiences some slippage in 2011 but Josh Beckett more than offsets with 200 innings and an ERA of under 3.90.

Tyler Seguin will score 15 second-half goals.

Jon Lester gets off to a decent start, throws his second no-hitter and moves up in the 2011 Cy Young voting.

BC’s Reggie Jackson nails a 16 footer at the buzzer to send BC to the second round of the NCAAs.

David Ortiz will not be horrifying in April but he also won’t be a beast come June. Let’s call the name of his swan song …. .260/.360/.500.

JD Drew limps to the finish line and in August, the calls for “KALISH” become deafening.

Jacoby Ellsbury plays in 142 games but he draws whispers when he lands on the DL with a mysterious neck injury.

Tim Thomas will win the Vezina but he won’t be great in Boston’s dissappointing playoff loss.

The shortstop controversy drives me to the brink of madness and only the front office’s intervention in favor of Jed Lowrie keeps me out of the abyss.

But once given the keys to the car, Jed Lowrie will finish the year as inarguably the best offensive shortstop in the AL East.

Daisuke Matsusaka will be traded, most likely after season’s end.

The Patriots defense moves from “improving” in 2010 to “solid” in 2011.

Rajon Rondo will finish the year averaging less than 12.0 dimes a game.

Kendrick Perkins will not be much of a factor.

Jerrod Saltalamachia is passable but his first-half slash of .231/.274/.392 has the Sox in the market for a catcher in July.

Tim Wakefield makes nine starts which are eight too many.

With the 15th pick in the NFL draft, the New England Patriots will select UCLA outside LB Akeem Ayers.

With the 26th pick in the NBA draft, the Celtics will take San Diego State winger Kawhi Leonard.

Kevin Youkilis will not be great over at third …… but the Sox defense will be noticeably better.

Logan Mankins will be back in 2011 but Matt Light will not.

The Patriots will trade their third round pick in the 2011 draft to Cincinnati for the Bengals second round pick in 2012.


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