Pats Look to Make it Fourteen Straight over Buffalo

How can any Pats fan in their right mind say they are worried about today’s game? People, it’s Buffalo! At home! The same Buffalo that hasn’t beat the Pats since the opening day of the 2003 season. That is 13 games ago! And the same Buffalo that looked almost helpless in losses to Miami and Green Bay. To be afraid of Buffalo is like being afraid of France or Mondale or Bieber.   

I realize there are concerns in New England after last week’s horror show. And I realize that the Bills came into Gillette last September and really puked up a victory. But this is not one I am worried about. Not in the slightest. The Bills are going to win two games this season and today will not be one of them.  

Yeah, Buffalo might have some success against Darius Butler. Everyone else will so why not Ryan Fitzgerald and Roscoe Parrish?  And they may be able to run the ball with some success.  But less Aaron Schoebel – a Matt Light killer over the years – there doesn’t seem to a pass rush to fear and that should mean a big afternoon for Tom Brady and the pass offense. And with Fitzpatrick running the Bills offense, the Pats should be good for a couple turnovers, or three. Feed that all into the computer and out spits something like Pats 31, Bills 13.

Football things on my mind …..

* I am disappointed that Terrence Wheatley remains out with a sore foot. He seems like a logical replacement for Butler and it would have been nice for him to get his feet wet versus Buffalo. It sounds like he’s getting close and let’s hope so because the last time Darious Butler played down in Miami, he got prison raped.  

* I didn’t say anything about the loss of Kevin Faulk this week, perhaps because I was too distraught. He was saying all the right things about returning but let’s be honest here … that is the last we’ll see of number 33. That is hardly worth crying over as Faulk is 34 and has had a wonderful career but it would have been nice to see Kevin go out on his terms. That said, Faulk was a big part of the Patriot’s Decade and he will be missed.

* Just a quick hit on my Bruins ….. I’m not a big Neuheisel guy so yesterday was a bit of a bittersweet pill. On the one hand, that was a great win in Austin. The defense was terrific, Akeem Ayers was showing top-10 draft skills, and the offense found a way to open some holes. Further, it does put UCLA’s season back on track, which seemed impossible following that Stanford debacle two weeks ago. But the flip side is Neuheisel will be headed to the bank tomorrow morning and depositing a huge slug of job-saving capital. With a win like that, there is no way he isn’t back next year.  That’s not the greatest news for UCLA fans who think Ricky is way more “show” than “dough.”   

* Some winners today? After 30 seconds of digesting the lines, I will take Cincy -3, Raiders +5.5, and the Chiefs +2.5. I also like the Eagles giving three down in Jax.

* John Lucas has now taken Jamarcus Russell under his wing? You know that you have hit rock bottom when Tony Dungy passes on you and you are left with John Lucas.

* I see plenty of people waiting in line to blow Andrew Luck and the question I ask … have you actually seen the guy play? Full disclosure, I didn’t watch the Wake game, but his numbers yesterday, against a putrid Irish pass defense, were ordinary and Luck was oh so middling in Stanford’s thrashing of UCLA. Yes, I watched that whole game and Luck had one of those nights where he was missing guys (11-24) and greatly benefitted from three or four dropped interceptions. He very well may be a big pro and his team is rolling right now, but it seems his stock has gotten ahead of itself.


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