Red Sox Ready the Baton for Lacks and Becks

There’s good news and bad news.

The good news is after pocketing two solid victories, the Sox have a bit of momentum at their back. But the bad news is John lackey and Josh Beckett are next up and those two can be trusted with momentum like LiLo can be trusted with an eight-ball.

If Saturday night was a “B plus” victory, yesterday’s win no worse than a solid B. Make no mistake about it, Sean Marcum is a tough customer and that game was no gimmie. But Clay Buchholz managed to keep the Jays off the board, Ortiz broke the ice with a three-bagger off a guy who just kills left-handers, Bill Ballgame guessed right and punished a Marcum sinker and the pen did its job to wrap things up. Throw in a slump-busting hit from Kalish and some more solid contact from Lowrie and it all added up to a nice day at the Fens.

But attention now turns to Lacks and Becks, which if I had my say would be the title of cop movie about two Houston dipshits who work the parking beat. Think Charlie and Emilio in Men at Work, only in Texas.   

Thankfully, these clowns draw Seattle, whose puny offense reminds me of the Dukakis presidential campaign of 1988. Simply put, if Lackey and Beckett can’t control the Ms, then I give up. It should be noted that last month, Lackey almost no-hit the Mariners and Beckett followed with a strong start so I guess it’s possible that these two numb nuts could walk away with wins. I sure hope so because even though Lester is going Wednesday …. so is King Felix and when you couple that arm with an afternoon game to complete a series, the stars are not exactly aligned for the Sox.   

Points of Interest:

* Tonight might be a rainout which wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world as the Sox have TWO off-days before next Tuesday. So the Sox could double up tomorrow and still have a pitcher for Sunday who is pitching on four days rest.

* I love Mike Lowell as much as the next guy, but does he really belong out there every day? He is, after all, just three for his last twenty-three. It’s a bit out of the box but against a tough righty like King Felix on Wed, how about Ortiz picks up a glove and Nava serves as the DH? 

* He finished the day with nothing to show for it but Jed Lowire hit the ball pretty hard yesterday. His stroke to the base of the CF wall confirmed that some of this power we have been seeing is not some total fluke.

* When a guy strikes out as much as Bill Hall does, it’s generally assumed that the guy is a hack. But given Hall’s post-game comments, it strikes me that Hall is more than just a hack. In fact, this seems like a guy who attacks with a plan. Yesterday, he said he was expecting something down from Marcum, he saw it, and he crushed it.

* Do you want to know how odd it was to see Travis Snyder work a walk after falling behind 0-2 to Bard yesterday? Well, it was only the fourth time this season, in 41 chances, that somebody has made it to first after starting out with two strikes. Bard’s numbers are great but Bard’s numbers when he gets ahead are retarded.

* I’m not nearly as down on JD Drew as most.  As such, all you’ll get out of me is Drew has probably slightly underperformed his contract. But I was thinking yesterday ….. do you know who really got screwed on JD Drew? The Atlanta Braves. Back in 2004, they traded for Drew and got ONE excellent season from Drew before he decided to sign with LA as a FA in November of 04. And who did Atlanta give up for Drew? Adam Wainwright …. The same Wainwright who finished third in the CYA vote last year and might win it this season.  Talk about an expensive rental.

FARM REPORT:  The entire organization won yesterday and that includes two from Pawtucket. Highlighting the ledger, Alex Wilson dazzled for Portland, throwing five innings of one-hit baseball that also included eight strikeouts. And Jose Iglesias also had a big day for Portland with three knocks, including a walkoff. But the big name of the day was Lars Anderson who went 4-7 with a double and a home run during yesterday’s twin-bill. Lars is closing fast with eight hits over his last four games and over the past ten games, he is slashing .389/.421/.583. His AAA numbers are now inching up and with another strong week, Anderson’s digits could be considered “good.”


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