Ellsbury’s Latest is a Head-Scratcher

As expected, Jacoby Ellsbury is back on the disabled list and at this point, I am left with two thoughts. Either Ellsbury has a terribly low pain threshold or something is very seriously wrong and the Sox should be looking at this as something MORE than a sports injury.

I say this because I just can’t believe that Friday Night’s collision was enough to trigger another trip to the DL. Sorry Jacoby, but non-contact football drills are more violent than that collision. Hell, a pillow fight among thirteen-year girls might be more violent than that fall.  There was just nothing there. In case you didn’t see it, Ellsbury slowed down as he was about to run into the Rangers pitcher, he ran up the guy’s back at about 65 percent speed, and he then tumbled to the ground.  In once fell harder in the Minny airport, got up, and still made my flight. Jacoby not only missed his flight ….. he might be stuck in Minny until October.  

On the baseball richter scale, where Mike Cameron-Carlos Beltran (2005) is a ten and Johnny Damon-Damian Jackson (2003) is a nine ….. the Jacoby Ellsbury- Tommy Hunter collision from Friday was about a 0.6. Yet somehow, this minor twist up drove Ellsbury out of the game (two innings later), got him on a plane to Boston, led him to scream that his pain is now worse than where it was back in May, and probably ended his season. And at the very least, it ended his month.

So what the hell is going on here?  Did Ellsbury come back to fast? Was he struggling at 80% and looking for an out? Is he one of those types who bruises easily? Or is something much worse going on here? Something that implies these injuries are a symptom of something much worse? Something that is preventing Ellsbury from healing.

I have no idea what the real story is. But I am sure of one thing …. It is almost inconceivable that the collision on Friday night should have resulted in ANOTHER trip to the DL.  So I am left wondering. Wondering why is it that Jacoby Ellsbury may become the first player in major league history to miss six months with a set of cracked ribs. Hopefully nothing is terribly wrong with Ellsbury. But if that is not the case, then logic tells me Ellsbury is dogging it to some degree. And with a gun to my head I would argue he probably came back at less than 100 percent, wasn’t playing very well, may have aggravated his injury, and now wants no part of playing baseball again this season. If I am even directionally correct, I don’t want Jacoby Ellsbury playing baseball in Boston next season and I am starting to believe the Sox feel the same way.


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