Boston’s Bad Luck Has Not Carried Over to Sox Pitching Matchups

It’s no secret that the Sox have had their share of bad luck this season when it comes to injuries. But with all this bad luck has come some good luck.

I am speaking of the luck the Sox have accrued in the area of “pitching matchups.” Just look at some of the evidence.

* When you are facing a team in a four-game series and then facing them a month later in a three-game series, there is just an eight percent chance that you miss one of their starters in BOTH series. Well, looking at the calendar ahead, it looks like the Sox will miss Felix Hernandez twice. That is really lucky.

* Cliff Lee, if he was kept on normal rest, would have been scheduled to face the Sox on Friday night. But the Rangers moved him up and he will now face the Yankees instead. That is pretty lucky.

* The Red Sox faced Philly earlier this year but didn’t have to deal with Roy Halladay. Lucky.

* The Sox drew Tim Lincecum out in San Francisco but they missed Matt Cain. That counts as a little bit of luck.

* Joel Pinero, a solid major league starter, was scheduled to face the Sox on July 28th but hurt himself warming up. When you swap Scot Shields for Joel Pinero, you are the recipient of some good luck.

* The Sox have played six with the As this year. In that time, they have missed the As best pitcher, Trevor Cahill, and when they drew Brett Anderson, he hurt himself. Further, the Sox drew Ben Sheets twice and he has arguably been Oakland’s worst starter. Lucky. 

* In two series against Detroit, the Sox missed Justin Verlander once and although they drew him in round two, he came without any kind of supporting cast. That is lucky.

* The Red Sox got a little unlucky Sunday when AJ Burnett was scratched but on the other hand, they just played four with the Yankees and they didn’t have to face Andy Pettite. That is marginally lucky.

* The Sox were scheduled to face a fairly good lefty tomorrow which would have been a problem. But Brett Cecil has been scratched and the Sox will now face an untested rookie. Lucky.

Over an entire season, this stuff tends to even out. And over several seasons, I am sure that is true. But it seems like this season the Sox may be catching a small break. Certainly nothing to offset all the injuries but a break nonetheless. And with the Sox getting healthier, perhaps they can cash in some of these chips and rip off a great month.


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