It Looks Like It’s About to Rain on Jeremy Hermida

Those storm clouds over Jeremy Hermida are getting awfully dark. Looks like it will rain any day now.

Folks, that should be just about it for Hermida. It would be one thing to wait for his offense to come along if he could field his position but he can’t. And today, his defensive indifference led to two runs. The problem here is Hermida is not only unathletic but he is tentative and uses poor geometry to track down balls.  That is a dangerous cocktail that can’t be trusted.

To make matters worse, he is floundering at the plate. In fact, floundering might be a bit too generous. Here are the salient numbers: Hermida is 2-17 since returning from the DL with nine strikeouts and if you throw in his rehab starts, he is 3-25 with 12 Ks. On the year, he is now slashing at .206/.262/.355 and that is hopelessly removed from what is needed to justify his woeful glove.

In acquiring Hermida, the Sox were basically plunking down $20 for some lotto tickets. The bet being Hermida was a former first rounder who had underperformed but could perhaps benefit from a new environment. So they sent Hunter Jones to Florida and agreed to take on Hermida’s modest $2.5M salary.

Simply put, the lotto tickets look worthless. Yes, Hermida had a few moments early in the year but this story has been tame since the outset. And since Hermida missed some time with busted ribs, it has unraveled.

Having seen Hermida for four months, it seems clear the change of scenery was not enough to shake him loose. Moreover, he no longer looks like the best candidate to be playing left field. That distinction is held by Daniel Nava who is a more professional hitter than Hermida and without question, a better fielder. And if Nava isn’t the replacement, I would much prefer to see Bill Hall, Darnell McDonald or Eric Patterson manning left field.

So if it were up to me, I would DFA Hermida this weekend. If the Sox could find someone to take him …. all the better. And if no suitor can be located, I would have no problem releasing him. In his stead, I would bring Nava back up as he gives the club a great deal more flexibility than Hermida, which might be important if Drew is going to be gimpy for a week. And when Jacoby Ellsbury returns ten days from now, Nava goes back to Pawtucket until rosters are expanded in September.

Getting rid of Hermida looks like just a matter of timing at this point. I say that because it strikes me that Darnell  McDonald has lept over Hermida and will be the one staying once Ellsbury returns. And if that is the case, I don’t see why you would keep Hermida around in the interim.

Watch out Jeremy, it’s starting to rain.


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