Red Sox Open for the Celts with a Comfortable Win

The warmup band for the NBA finals was alright last night. Against a second-rate pitcher and a third-rate team, the Red Sox managed to notch a workmanlike win. Nothing special. Nothing too exciting. But a decent effort from Clay Buchholz, a bomb from David Ortiz, some lasers off Dustin’s bat and ten harmless outs from the pen.  All in all, the Sox get a B for avoiding the stumble and doing enough to make it a comfortable evening at Fenway.

To be quite honest, Clay Buchholz really didn’t pitch too well last night. Against a very poor offense, Buchholz did manage to register eight Ks, but that isn’t all that impressive when you account for the fact that the Snakes lead the NL in strikeouts. Beyond that, Buchholz game score was an even Fifty, which is the very definition of mediocre. That might do against the Yankees or Rays but against Arizona, I was hoping for a little more.

While Clay was a bit disappointing, the Pen was aces last night as four pitchers rang up ten outs and never let Arizona bring even the tying run to the place.

The story with the offense was a bit better as the Sox managed to knock Ian Kennedy around a bit. Ortiz happened to crush a ball in the first and with two more hits last night, it looks like Dustin Pedroia’s laser show is now back up and running. But before you pronounce either of these guys cured, remember that we are talking about Ian Kennedy here …. A guy who has now yielded fifteen home runs and is enjoying success only because he is now pitching in an inferior league. That being said, Ortiz is now 8 for his last 18 and Pedroia is 10 for his last 20. With old friend Rodrigo Lopez going tonight, I think these trends can march forward.


It seems I was wrong yesterday with my guess that Boof Bonser would fill in for Dice K this weekend. It turns out that Felix Doubront will indeed get Friday’s start. All I ask Felix is one thing …. Don’t let Manny take one out.

Excellent move by the Sox to move up tomorrow’s game by an hour so that fans can get to more important matters at 9:10. An easy call in my mind but a good call nonetheless.


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