Tickets to any Game this Year? I’m Taking Two for Tonight

So if a genie approached you and said, I’ll grant you a pair of top-shelf tickets to any sporting event over the next year, would you hold out for a possible Pacquiao-Mayweather fight? Maybe take in the World Cup Final? Bank on your NFL team playing in a Conference championship or betting your school might be playing in the Final Four? Mind you, if you keep saving your tickets for an event that doesn’t materialize, you could be stuck using your tickets next Spring on the Masters or backstage passes to the NFL draft.

I’ll tell you what I’d do. I ask the genie to cough up two to tonight’s Celtics-Lakers game, jump in a cab, head on over to the Delta Shuttle and be in my seat for tonight’s tip-off.  That is how pumped I am for tonight’s game. Moreover, it’s a case of a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. I know what I am getting tonight and it’s a ton. It’s the pivotal game in the Boston-LA deathmatch. Who is to say anything in the next year is going to top that?

Sure, I could hold off for Pacquiao but there is no guarantee those two get it on, particularly since Manny is now a lawmaker. As for the final four, well, I have been to a couple of those with UCLA playing and I have seen enough of that to last a lifetime (Besides, that ain’t happening in 2011). Yeah, it would be nice to see the Pats play the Colts in the 2010 AFC Championship but the last time we saw New England, it didn’t look much like they were headed for that type of season. It could happen but is it worth taking a chance when tonight is a sure thing?   

So, for me, it basically comes down to the following: will the Sox be around to play a super-pivotal game in the ALCS or World Series? That seems like a stretch at this point and again, I know what I got with tonight’s game. It shapes up to be a monster and I just don’t think anything on the radar, even using my imagination, will top a turning point in a classic Celts-Lakers series. So genie, hook me up for tonight.


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