College Mashup: USC, Kansas, Conference Monsoon and Road Trips

Question of the Day …. Who is having a worse day, the USC football fan or the Kansas Basketball fan? Granted, the SC guy took a 2X4 to the head late last night but this conference re-alignment monsoon could very easily morph into a kick to the Jayhawk nards. Let’s be honest here, if the music stops playing and Kansas is left without a big-conference chair, which seems awfully possible, Kansas is headed to the Mountain West. And I don’t care how much tradition KU brings to the table …. if they are in the MWC, they aren’t sleeping with any of the nation’s top recruits.

So SC caught the beating that they had coming to them. I don’t see how the NCAA could have gone much softer but as I wrote last year, the one thing that surely didn’t help SC in all of this was the hiring of Lane Kiffen.  Folks, if your investment firm was under investigation for inside trading would you go out and hire a Madoff to be your Chief Investment Officer? That is basically what SC did last Winter. Knowing a blast was coming, SC could have and should have opted for integrity. Instead, they hired Mr. Shortcut, a used car salesman who isn’t remotely familiar with the word compliance. If I were in charge of arguing SC’s appeal, I sure wouldn’t like my chances with Lane Kiffen sitting at my table.

* It was just announced that Colorado has bolted the Big-12 for the Pac-10. At this moment, the Pac-10 is really the Pac-11, the Big-10 is really the Big-12 and the Big-12 is really the Big-10. These numbers will be updated shortly.

* I love the fact that the Big-12 was built on such a weak foundation that losing one member caused the whole thing to fall apart. In that respect, it’s like the Lehman Brothers of college conferences. Moreover, look at what they lost. Nebraska basketball hasn’t been to the NCAAs since 1998 and since losing the 2001 National Championship, the football program is just 63-40.  

* Isn’t it just a matter of time before the Big-10 snaps up four more? Kansas and Missouri make the most sense. And why not throw in Notre Dame and Pitt? Cincy is warming up in the pen if needed.

* So it looks like Tom Izzo is really considering this Cavs offer. He’d be NUTS to act before an LBJ package was sealed but this just goes to show you that six or seven million goes an awfully long way. I, for one, hopes he takes it and LBJ squirms out at the last minute. I always root for chaos.

* So does Bill Self jump at Michigan State or does he wait for Kentucky to open up?

* Here’s an idea for fixing the BCS ….. the Pac-16 should keep expanding, with an eye toward absorbing every major conference. At the end of the day, the conference could determine a conference champion and that school would play Boise every year for the National Championship.

* Texas fans, if this thing goes down, get ready for some long trips. And you better have some vacation time at your fingertips because the working man will need to leave Lubbock on Thursday if he is going to see a 3:30 PST Saturday kickoff in Corvallis or Pullman. Excluding Hawaii-Louisiana Tech (or Hawaii vs really anybody), Texas Tech-Washington State will become the most complicated conference itinerary in college sports.


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  1. You’re right, Kansas completely screwed. Missouri obviously now Big Ten bound. Will Texas legislature try to force Baylor down the throats of the Pac-10 because they are high and dry now?

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