Fourteen Monday Afternoon Baseball Blasts

* Buster Olney writes today about Derek Jeter’s battle with age and brings up a point that I have been asking for weeks. If Jeter finishes the year with a .750 OPS (an uptick from here), what kind of contract will he command? Does it matter what he hits? Will the Yanks just throw money at the captain? Will Jeter play for “market” which, if his OPS is .750, is somewhere in the neighborhood of 3yrs/24-27M?

* Jason Bay killed the Yankees in 2009 and he is doing it again this year. He was 7-10 this weekend with four extra base hits. On the flip side, Brett Gardner went 0-13 over the three games and his numbers are slowly coming back to the mean.

* Kevin Millwood lost yesterday but he pitched pretty well and doesn’t it make sense for him to be moved next month? The Os are going nowhere and Millwood can give a team quality outings. Mets? Reds? Tigers? Dodgers?

* Yesterday was Zach Duke’s third good start in four outings but someone (Eric Hinskie) finally got to Evan Meek and Duke’s win became Octavio Dotel’s win. The Pirates scored five whole runs this weekend.

* Homer Bailey struggled again yesterday and was yanked with a sore shoulder after 2.1 innings. How many lives has this cat burned through already?

* Bad News in Baltimore: Julio Lugo has sixty-three plate appearances this season and NO extra base hits. And his buddy – Miguel Tejada – hasn’t homered since April 30.

* Freddy Garcia threw sixty-seven pitches yesterday and got ONE swinging strike. The White Sox remain stuck in neutral and today there is word that Philly has already begun taking a look some Southside bullpen pieces.

* CJ Wilson didn’t give up a home run in his first forty-eight innings this season. Since then, he has given up three in ten innings, including one to Alfonso Soriano yesterday. You have to think Wilson is a great candidate to wear out this Summer as he blows through his previous workload high.

* The Cubs were just trying to dump Milton Bradley and probably would have accepted two dozen Rawlings in return. Instead, they got a pitcher who is now 6-0. Never underestimate the power of a pitcher switching from the AL to the NL.

* If that victory was a fish, David Price would have had to throw it back in the water because that was a crap win. Five innings and five runs to the Astros?

* The Rays banged out fifteen hits but Pena/Upton combined to go 1-10 with five strikeouts.

* Zack Greinke now has five losses but yesterday was the first time he actually has been pounded this season. Meanwhile, the Royals hit into FIVE double plays.

* I realize he is now buried at the bottom of Anaheim’s pen but why is Scott Shields in the major leagues? He blew another game yesterday and right now, he has given up more hits than innings pitched AND more walks than innings pitched.

* The Giants scored ONE run this weekend.  Be a shame if that staff came up short because the lineup features five guys who should be hitting seventh.


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