Nineteen Baseball Blasts for Sunday, May 23

* LimaTime is dead? Jose Lima was nut but he was fun to watch. Condolences to the family.

ESPN’s rumor mill has the Twins interested in Roy Oswalt. Question, I realize the new park has boosted revenues but how in the world could Minny afford Oswalt next season? Oswalt is due 16M next year and when you add that to Mauer/Justing/Nathan/Cuddyer, Minny would be on the hook for 75M to those five players.  

* The boxscore says Citi Field was just 98.4 percent full last night. Is that a day/night seating thing or is it possible that the Subway Series can’t generate sellouts?

* Buster Olney writes today that Phil Hughes had 42 balls fouled off last night which is the highest in the majors in five years. A quick glance of Hughes game log reveals that he does indeed give up lots and lots of fouls. And that begs the question: is that good or bad? On one hand, it shows hitters are having a tough time squaring up balls off Hughes. But it also shows that Hughes is susceptible to long at bats and high pitch counts as he struggles to finish guys off. Given Hughes start, I wouldn’t quibble with the results just yet.

* Jason Bay just likes hitting against the Yankees …. Four more hits last night.

* Gavin Floyd has been one of the worst pitchers in the AL this season, particularly against KC and Tornoto. But he stuffed Miami yesterday.

* The Giants got held to one run or less for the fourth time this week yesterday as they lost their fourth in a row. Matt Cain was yesterday’s hard luck loser.

* Ladies and gentlemen, this year’s silver slugger at 2b in the AL is …….. Ty Wiggington. He slugged number thirteen yesterday.

* Jeff Francis made it two-for-two yesterday as he blanked KC over 6.1 innings. He has now surrendered just one run in 13 innings since returning from a 20 month layoff.  

* Crazy game at Target yesterday. The Twins score four in the first, the Brewers mount a big comeback in the ninth with five, the Twins come back to tie it in the bottom of the ninth and win it in twelve. Coming off a 15-3 loss Friday, this is shaping up to be a tough weekend for the Brewers.

* It was 70 Degrees in Cleveland yesterday for in-state rival Cincy and 25.5K showed up. Those Buckeyes sure love their baseball.

* You want to know why Tampa’s Jeff Niemann is 4-0 with an ERA of 2.54? Well, it’s because on balls hit in play, hitters are hitting just .244, down from .302 a year ago.

* And do you want to know why Pittsburgh’s Charlie Morton has an ERA of 8.71? Well, it has something to do with the fact he has already given up ten home runs.

* I’m not joking ….. Melkey Cabrera hit a home run yesterday. That gives him five extra base hits this season.

* Aramis Ramirez DH’d yesterday and went 0-5 with four strikeouts. Hell Aramis, the pitcher could have done that.

* Brennan Boesch, a Santa Monica guy, must have enjoyed hitting that bomb at Dodger Stadium yesterday.  *

* That Black guy chasing me with a big bat is Justin Upton. He has been swinging a hot stick of late since I started busting on him.

* Toronto hit two more home runs yesterday and that brings the total to 74 on the year. That puts them on pace to slug 266 in 2010.

* Are you telling me that Seattle couldn’t use Mike Lowell? Really? Good luck with that offense Jack Z.


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