Almost Two Dozen Baseball Blasts for Sunday, May 16

Thanks to my buddy Dave for having me on his radio show yesterday but here is a question for Dave ….. The Pirates have eight “very good” major leaguers on their roster? I’m stuck at four.

The Cubs have lost nine of eleven and it looks like the season is circling the drain. Any chance that Lou Pinella becomes a casualty?

Andy Pettite is absolutely dealing right now. The outperformance is such an outlier that my whole regression analysis had to be re-sized to show the data point.

Anyone else find it funny that David Ortiz is outslugging Atard and Teixiera?  

Ricky Romero  …. With this weekend being the Aids Walk and all, you would have thought Romero would have had the decency to wear a condom yesterday. He did bad things to the Rangers and Josh Hamilton yesterday. For the record, that was Josh Hamilton’s second “Blue Jay” sombrero of the season although Romero did not fit him for the first one.

Andre Ethier broke a knuckle yesterday? Guess we don’t need to wory about a NL triple crown winner.  

Nick Johnson needs surgery? Wow, file that one away in the “what dumbass didn’t call that one” file?

My Austin Jackson “short” is absolutely printing money right now. Funny what happens when every ball you put in play doesn’t go for a hit.

Livan Hernandez gave up two more home runs yesterday, bringing his total on the year to six. Total earned runs on the year? Eight.

Ubaldo Jimenez is back on pace to win thirty games. Nice effort yesterday against the pesky Nats.

Brad Hawpe came off the DL this week for Denver and just kept on mashing. 8-20 since the activation.

Is Shane Victorino going to lead the NL is RBIs from the leadoff spot? Four more yesterday.

Tim Lincecum found the right team to have an off-day against. He wasn’t sharp but does it matter when you face Houston?

Tough year for Japanese second basemen. Kaz Matsui and Aki Iwamura are both considering Hari Kari right now.

The Rays are still second in the AL in runs scored but that train is slowing down quickly. The Rays are now just seventh in the league in OBP and they are second in the league in Ks. And it sounds like they are losing patience with BJ Upton.

I guess the Sox were better off steering clear of my suggestion to sign Justin Duchscherer. Looks like Justin is done for the season.

That was a nice day for the Baltimore bullpen. Way to take a one run lead into the ninth and surrender eight runs. Brian Matusz will be filing a suit Monday in Baltimore County, suing the pen for damages.

The Ned Yost honeymoon ended yesterday but the same can’t be said for Royal 2b Mike Aviles who was 11-26 this week.  

I think Justin Upton heard about all the mean things I have been saying. He has hurt the Braves these past two days.

Is Mike Leake gonna have a better record this year in the NL Central than he did yesterday in the Pac-10?

Who do the Mets release first? John Maine or Jeff Francouer?

When asked yesterday if he was ready to play, Mrs. Jacoby Ellsbury answered: “not really. “ Not exactly a profile in toughness.


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