Thirteen Baseball Blasts for May 12, 2010

Unless Ambien shows up on the “banned substances” list, Ken Griffey should be alright as far as the HOF goes.

Isn’t this decision to move the Toronto-Philly series out of Toronto and away from the G20 Meetings a bit on the hysterical side? 

I wish I had the copywrite to the following sentence fragment: “…. Willie Mays stumbling around center field for the Mets in the 1973 World Series …..” Buster Olney used it today but he is just one of dozens who have drank from this well over the past twenty years.  Am I to believe that the “over-the-hill drunken player” image can’t be painted without using the words Mays and Stumble?  

The Pirates lost 9-0 and got one hit by the Reds. Isn’t that the definition of a forfeit?

Johnny Cueto’s game score against the Bucs last night: 93. That just happens to equal the score registered by Dallas Braden on Sunday.

It turns out David Wright is fine (3-4 with two doubles) and the Mets feasted on a couple of ex-Yankees.

I understand he has a contract and yes, he did hit one out last night, but why doesn’t Oakland just write out a final check to Eric Chavez and let him go.

Ranger Ryan Garko was actually having a decent year with Cleveland last season before he was traded to San Francisco. Since then, he has fallen off the face of the earth. He slugged .330 with the Giants and this season, he is 2-28 with the Rangers. Next stop …… using that Stanford degree for something other than baseball.

At this moment, the best Japanese leadoff man in baseball is …… Chicago’s Kosuke Fukodome. Sorry Ichiro, Kosuke leads this race by a couple lengths.  

Tim Hudson pitched six innings, walked six, gave up six hits, struck out just one and gave up how many runs? ONE? I guess those thirteen groundball outs helped clean things up.

Two hits and a couple of walks last night edged Manny’s OBP to over .500 for the year. Ethier and ManRam reminds me of a cartoon I watched 800 times from 2003-2007.

The Snakes bullpen gave up another seven runs last night. What else is new ….. it’s currently the worst pen in baseball and ESPN Stats says it is on pace to be the worst in 40 years. Good thing Los Suns are cooking because it feels like a long and frustrating summer for the DBacks.

I think the “BJ Upton is Back” commercial has been pulled from the air. He’s 3 for May. Throw in Carlos Pena’s one hit this month and the two of them are 4-66.


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