A Dozen Baseball Blasts for Tuesday, May 11

Met 3B David Wright had a couple of hits last night but he struck out in another big spot and that leaves him with 14 Ks in his last seven games. That puts him on pace for a 213 K season. Buster Olney writes in his blog today that the league may have figured out that Wright, following a beaning in SF last season, now flinches against breaking balls. That may be true but it should be pointed out that Wright also has 24 walks this season and is slugging .528.  

There is some talk that when Carlos Beltran returns from the DL, he won’t be able to play CF. If that is the case, does this deal make any sense: Beltran and some cash to Boston for Mike Cameron? Boston then switches Mrs. Ellsbury back to center and Beltran, gimpy leg and all, plays in front of the Monster. (Not sure the Mets would view Cameron as much of an upgrade over Pagan but if Beltran can’t play CF, what are their options?)

Four more hits last night for Pudge. He is now hitting .393, slugging .528, and being paid just $3M. That was quite the off-season find for the Nats.

With Dallas Braden in the news, my girlfriend asked me whether Huston Street is still around. I told her yes and mentioned there is also an Austin, Austin Kearns. Be nice to get that Texas Triumvirate all on one team. You could also add Antonio Bastardo to the mix if you wanted a Texas Foursome.

Brian Cashman got a nice little reminder of his terrific off-season last night. While his acquisitions struggle with performance (Vazquez) and health (Granderson and Johnson), Cashman had to watch one cast-off, Johnny Damon, ding him for a dong. And another chip, Austin Jackson, enter the game hitting .370.

Jim Leyland left Joel Zumaya in way too long last night but got away with it.

Tommy Hanson stuffed the Brewers last night with a game score of 81 (anything over 65-70 is excellent). Mind you, Milwaukee is the second highest scoring team in baseball.  

9K at PNC last night. Here is the equation: Monday+Penguins+Pirates=9K

Carlos Ruiz had four hits last night and is now hitting .354. This might be the year of the Latin catcher in the NL. Ruiz, Soto, Pudge, Barrajas, Molina, and Molina all off to good starts.

The Cubs have four regulars hitting over .331 and three over .340. But their 3-5 hitters from last night are now hitting .211, .186 and .163. Should Aramis Ramirez really be hitting fifth?

It looks like the Dodgers made a smart move when they signed Andre Ethier to a two-year contract this Winter. At this rate, he would make a lot more in arbitration this off-season then the 11.5M that the Dodgers owe him in 2011.

Matt Garza struggled and the Rays lost their third in a row? Don’t look now, but Carl Crawford is down to .301, Carlos Pena has one hit in May (1-34) and the Rays have won just five of their last ten.


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