Fifteen Baseball Blasts for May 10, 2010

I find it funny that Alex Rodriguez can’t even find the right journeyman pitcher to pick a fight with.  Leads me to believe that if Arod said Lindsey Lohan should stop whoring around, her portrayl of pornstar Linda Lovelace becomes a lock for the 2011 “Best Actress” Academy Award.

The Rays weekend in Oakland reminds me a bit of Rocky IV where Rocky cracks Drago in the mouth and bloodies his lip. “You See, they’re not a machine. They’re just a team!”  

Alex Rios had four hits yesterday and has now hit in eleven straight games. Given his nice start, that contract (4yrs/$49M for 2011-2014) doesn’t look so bad after all.

The sad state of Matt Diaz ….. lefty-killer Diaz hit sixth and Melky Cabrera , yes Melky Cabrera, hit third for the Braves against LH Cole Hamels.

Oliver Perez has walked 25 batters in 30 innings.  He keeps that up and that 4.50 ERA is going to rise and rise some more.

Reds pitcher Mike Leake in his last four starts: 20 strikeouts and just four walks. So what is your best guess on how many MLB wins Leake gets before the college pitcher selected of him in last year’s draft makes it to the majors and gets a win? I will go with 30. FYI, the pitcher selected ahead of Leake was Mike Minor (Vandy) and he is throwing for AA Atlanta.  

The Astros actually came up with TEN whole hits yesterday but the explosion came after San Diego lost their original starter to bereavement and his replacement to a tight pitch-count. If Padre Tim Stuaffer had been allowed to go another 25 pitches, Houston may have been held to a one-run weekend.

 Oddity of the year ….. San Diego brings Adrian Gonzalez in to pinch hit in a tie game (10th inning) and Gonzalez laid down a bunt.  I guess that shoulder is hurt after all.

Denard Span had his sixth multi-hit game of the month yesterday and his OBP for May is now up at .465. Odd thing about Span ….  he is a lefty who hurts lefties so that helps explain the two big hits he got off Baltimore’s Brian Matusz.

The Royals may have lost yesterday but they certainly can’t be accused of letting Ranger pitcher Scott Feldman off easy. In just four innings yesterday, the Royals fouled off thirty pitches and Feldman had burned through his pitch count.

Seattle fired their hitting coach yesterday and guess what ….. the Ms hung eight runs on LA pitchers Ervin Santana and Brian Stokes. Ever notice that hitting coaches are never fired the day before a team faces Roy Halladay or CC Sabathia?

He lost yesterday and he is giving up too many home runs (8) but Ian Kennedy is doing a nice job for Arizona. And speaking of Yankee castoffs, Tyler Clippard is 6-0 for the Nats.

The NL’s current Cy Young leader and its best offensive player to date hooked up in LA yesterday and Ubaldo Jimenez scored a knockout as he blew Andre Ethier away three times. Jimenez, however, got stuffed by Clayton Kershaw and a perfect season is now off the table.  

The story on Livan Hernandez is now: you either get him with a home run or you don’t get him at all. Counting yesterday, LH has given up four HRs and just five earned runs.

Pirate pitchers threw 205 pitches in yesterday’s nine inning game and just 108 of them were strikes. With the temperature being 47 degrees, that must have been a fun game to watch.


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