Is Buchholz a Candidate for a Testicle Transplant?

Can testicles be transplanted like hearts and livers?  If the answer is yes, Clay Buchholz should set up a consultation at Mass General and get on a donor list because it’s clear he needs a new pair.

I know it wouldn’t have mattered because he probably wouldn’t have survived the rain delay but Clay Buchholz’ effort through five innings yesterday was simply garbage. A hodgepodge of poor execution, bad decisions, poor concentration and to top it off …… no guts whatsoever. For me, the entire afternoon can be summed by this sequence: The Sox had just rallied for three runs in the bottom on the third and the bottom of the lineup is coming up for NY. So what does Buck do? He starts off the fourth with four straight balls to Nick Swisher. Folks, that is totally unacceptable. A complete loss of focus from a guy who apparently is focus-challenged.

And you know what else is unacceptable? Giving up a couple of two-out hits to AAAA Frank Cervelli. If Clay Buchholz aspires to be a big pitcher then guys like Frank Cervelli have to be afterthoughts ….. skid marks on the scorecard.

I keep thinking to myself that all this guy needs is a little taste of success to propel him forward but each time he gets that taste, he proves me wrong. One night, he will flash all that “swing-and-miss” joie de vivre. And then he comes back with a performance like yesterday where he looks like a little boy with Tourette’s syndrome.  No focus. And no balls. It’s time for that transplant.

* Let’s call it what it was  ….. Adrian Beltre had a MISERABLE day in the field. MISERABLE! Botched a play in the first and then in the third …… a tough hop gets by him but isn’t he here to turn tough hops into double plays? And then in the fourth, cue the music from Carmen, because Beltre inexplicably re-enacted a scene from Bad News Bears and threw a ball into centerfield. The guy now has seven errors and it is only through the generosity of kind scoring, that the number not in double digits. Beltre was supposed to come here and taketh, not giveth.

* Everyone remember to wish Jacoby Ellsbury good luck and a speedy recovery. After all, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

* I think we have seen the last of Scott Schoeneweis. Quite frankly, I prefer Jonathan Van Every.

* Quick thought on CC beaning Pedroia. Yes, he hit him on purpose. He hit the right guy. He hit him in the right place. And two pros – CC and Pedroia – moved on. THE END. This is a huge pet peeve of mine …… people who dwell on beanings and “payback.”That being said, if you have ever called in to a radio show and bitched about a player getting hit, I invite you to stop reading because I don’t want your kind around here.

* Hard to say a game on May 9th is a must win but this hole is getting awfully deep and there is a tough stretch coming up. Lester, we need you NOW!


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