Five Basketball Blasts on Mother’s Day

Do or die for the Celts this afternoon and given the fact that it is a HOME game and the way favorites are steamrolling right now, I don’t have a ton of confidence in the Cs. With that said, Boston needs to do three things today … shoot better than 50 percent from the field, manage a draw on the glass and shut down Mo Williams and Anthony Parker. If LBJ beats them, so be it. But they can’t let those two beat them from the corners.  And as long as I’m putting together a wish list, it would help if Paul Pierce could hit a couple of big shots at meaningful times.

Who has had a worse month …. The S&P 500 or Atlanta Hawk Joe Johnson?  JJ is 12-42 in this playoff series versus Orlando and that noise you just heard was the cash register closing on Joe’s off-season. Is anyone really going to “max out” on a guy who has crapped out of the last two Eastern Conference Semi-Finals?

It wasn’t quite game two of the 1984 Finals, where James Worthy threw a game away to Boston’s ML Carr, but Ron Artest and Derrick Fisher almost fought their way into the conversation with that sweet inbounds play last night with six seconds to go. I know Laker fans are still bitching that no foul was called but Artest almost got caught screwing a mastiff on that play.

When was the last time you saw a player score twenty-three points on ten shots and no free throws? That Korver line from last night is a nominee for “best line of the playoffs.”

This was the shared brain of Bill Simmons and Jason Whitlock on Darren Williams last night, via twitter: “Best PG n basketball doesn’t settle for that shot. I like Deron but that’s horsesh**. Go to hole young man.” Take it easy guys ….. that was a good look and had it been Kobe on the other end, neither of you would have said a word.


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