A Dozen Baseball Blasts for May 7, 2010

This Tampa “situation” is getting worrisome. The Rays have yielded just 22 runs over their last eleven games and now find themselves 12-1 on the road with Price, Davis and Shields going this weekend in Oakland.

I have no sympathy for the Lawrence Taylors and Ben Roethlisbergers of the world but I find myself feeling a bit sorry for Milton Bradley. He is a nut job and he certainly is carrying around some emotional baggage, but my guess is Milton is probably a decent guy.   

For those who worship Baseball America Rankings ….. BA’s #3 prospect heading into 2006? Los Angeles Angel, Brandon Wood. Looks like a complete whiff until you see numbers one and two were Delmon Young and Justin Upton.  Young seems destined to be the punchline to a horrendous trade, the “toolsy” Upton has lots of work to do and Wood looks like he won’t sniff major league success.

Buster Olney was on M&M this morning talking about the Mariners quest for offense and he mentioned that very little was available through trade so the Ms might have to rely on last year’s number one pick Dustin Ackley. Buster, Ackley is on a tear in the Southern League (AA) and that has his average UP to .196.

Dustin Nippert, who has been pretty good this season out of the Rangers pen sure had some night:  four hits, one walk, one out, five earned runs. Do you think Texas was thinking it would use six pitchers when it led 8-0?

He took the loss last night but John Danks is pitching his ass off this year. He  has given up just 33 hits in 41 innings and is one of the few who can say they beat Tampa this year.  

Vladimir Guerrero is sure to join Jason Varitek on the undead all-star team.  Vlad is now .340/.379/.528, which adds up to 1247, or 230 points higher than Zombie Prospectus predicted before the season began.

What the fuck is Bruce Chen still doing in major league baseball?

My boy Matt Diaz is supposed to rake left-handed pitching. Last night, Scott Olsen struck him out three times.

Danny Haren ……. 15 ground ball outs and nine strikeouts. And he only makes 8M bucks.

Look at that …. The Dodgers actually got out of the first inning with a lead last night and had a pitcher throw into the seventh.

Andre Ethier is just piling up sick numbers. Last night, Rob Neyer tweeted that the Ethier-for-Milton Bradley trade was the worst of Billy Beane’s career. I have to agree unless Carlos Gonzalez hits .380 some day with Colorado.


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