Thirteen Unlucky Baseball Tweets for May 6, 2010

Can’t say I am heartened by the fact that the Rays went into Seattle and helped themselves to a little Cliff Lee. Matt Garza is now treating the rest of the league like he treats the Red Sox and that is a little scary.

Look at that ….. Houston’s little pony turned back into El Caballo, at least for the night. Carlos Lee (.200/.245/.280) ends the Stros eight-game losing streak with a walkoff.

I’m sorry, but what the fuck is Rodrigo Lopez still doing in baseball? And in Arizona of all places.

Andy Pettite has tore up his elbow? Dad, could you FedEx some of the unused HgH?

Look at that, someone finally got to right-hander Matt Capps. And it was lefty-killer Matt Diaz of all people.

The top two in the SD lineup last night, Tony Gwynn and David Eckstein, were 0-12. The Padres need to find someone who can set the table so Gonzo can eat.

Barry Zito moved to 36-43 as a Giant with another big effort last night. He’s still owed a boatload on that holocaust of a contract but Zito only turns 32 next week so he still has times to makes things better, if not right, in San Francisco.

Michael Cuddyer saw 27 pitches in his four at bats yesterday. The guy who followed him, Delmon Young, saw nine. (If the Twins could reverse that Garza-Young trade would they be the WS favorites right now?) 

The Pirates are 12-15 but their obscenely negative run differential says they should be 6-21.

Hey Charlie Morton, look what happens when you keep the ball in the yard. Good, right?

Odd Pitching Day: Ted Lilly threw 22 of 26 first pitch strikes but gave up four runs in six innings. He then gets lifted after just 72 pitches and he wasn’t due to hit.

On Tuesday night, Clayton Kershaw started and got four outs for the Dodgers. Chad Billingsley then went out last night by leading the game off with four straight hits and by the time he had recorded three outs, the Dodgers were down four. Manny is on the way but he won’t help if the pitching doesn’t improve.

The Cards got shut down by Cole Hamels on Tuesday, stuffed by Kyle Kendrick on Wed and now face Roy Halladay this afternoon. Good luck with that.


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