Eight Baseball Tweets for May 4, 2010

Is there an inconsistency to this logic: I support the Phillies and their decision to use a taser on trespassers but I am not so hot on the idea of water-boarding prisoners of war.

The Yankees now feel the need to protect Javy Vazquez? You won’t find many other GM’s in baseball who can claim they got burned TWICE by the same player.

Detroit’s Austin Jackson had another three hits last night. His batting average on balls put-in-play is now 538! He is either ripping balls left and right or he is the luckiest player in the majors.

How did anyone in the Pac-10 hit Cincinnati pitcher Mike Leake (ASU) LAST year?  

Embarrassment of Riches: the Twins BACKUP catcher, Wilson Ramos, has debuted in the majors this week by going seven for nine. Safe to say his future in the majors is currently “blocked.”

Ubaldo Jimenez had 31 called strikes last night. Best Dominican pitcher since Pedro? Another six weeks of this and he’s in the conversation.

Justin Upton had another two Ks last night. That brings his total on the year to 38. Tough to mash when your strikeout rate is that high.

The Rangers have been taking a lot of crap for this Harden signing but I don’t hear anyone complaining this morning about seven innings of two hit ball.


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