Boston Scores a Hat Trick With Two Big Wins and an Empty Netter

Now that was a Hat Trick. Sure, the third goal might have been an empty netter, but Boston had a damn big night last night. In fact, outside of some Championship-related moments (and game five of the 2008 ALCS), that might have been the biggest night for Boston since The Departed won Best Picture for 2006.

To review, the city rang up two huge playoff victories and got some evidence that Fenway does, in fact, have a pulse. Specifically, the Celts punched Cleveland in the mouth and may have staggered the favorite, the Bruins worked their ass off and got rewarded, and the Sox assaulted a battery of Angel pitchers. This is quite a haul as going into last night, I was hoping for two wins, expecting one and fearful of getting none. So three represents an impressive haul and it sets the city up for a big week, particularly Friday when it will be game three of Celtics-Cavs, Game four of Bruins-Flyers and game one of Red Sox-Yankees. It’s pretty hard to top that menu.  

I will delve into these games in further detail, but for now, I will just say that the Celtics saved their season last night and the Bruins are now in great shape to extend their life into Mid-May. And three weeks ago, did anyone think the Bruins would be 2-0 in the conference semis and the Celts would be coming home 1-1 with the Cavs? As for the Sox, well, one game means next to nothing and there was certainly a wart on last night’s win, but it was nice to finally see this team club a left-hander and put some runs on the board. It won’t mean anything if Lester and Lackey can’t keep it going but at least last night got that sour taste from Baltimore out of my mouth.


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