Pete Abraham: Boston’s Top Free Agent Signing of 2009-10

This has not been a very good year for free agents in Boston. Joey Galloway , Shawn Springs and Fred Taylor didn’t exactly set Gillette on fire. John Lackey is off slowly. Adrian Beltre’s has shown less power and less defense than advertized. And Sheed? Well Sheed has been so bad that he is now mentioned with the likes of Lugo, Renteria, Adalius and Jack Clark.  

So who was Boston’s best signing this year? Well, the competition was hardly stiff, but my vote goes to The Globe’s pickup of Pete Abraham.

I will be the first to admit ….. I didn’t like Pete at first. He came from a New York Paper, or to be more precise, the Hudson Valley. And here is a list of my early complaints: He seemed to be full of snark. He seemed pre-occupied with whatever shards remain from the Boston-NYY rivalry. He seemed to miss his guys in the Yankee press box. And most importantly, I didn’t get the sense that he really wanted to be in Boston and cover the Sox. In that regard, I thought he was the Jason Bay of baseball writing.

Listen, I don’t really care about snark. After all, my crap is full of it. And I welcome criticism of the Sox. Hell, half my life is spent criticizing the Sox. However, what I do mind is when the snark and criticism is not evenly applied and I thought we had one of those guys in Pete.

I’m now glad to say I MAY have been wrong on Pete. I now read all of Abraham’s stuff. His blog on the His tweets. The stories he files with the Globe. And I am here to say that Pete can block and tackle. He is good at combing the numbers and pulling interesting nuggets. He is awfully quick to identify the bad but he pays attention to the good. And most importantly, I think he knows baseball and has something to offer. I am still waiting for Pete to actually “break” a story and I still think there is too much Yankee worship, both overt and nuanced, but hell, these are just misdemeanors. And given the fact that there are SCORES of “old school” baseball writers out there who are lazy and ignorant, Boston is fortunate to have Honest Abe.

So there it is ….. Boston’s best FA pickup this year just so happens to be a reporter/blogger/tweeter.


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