Boston Sports Grand Slam on Tap Tonight

It’s pretty hard to top tonight’s Boston sports calendar: two playoffs games, a baseball game and three second round picks in the NFL draft. Pains me to admit, but I am will have to make a “Sophie’s” Choice tonight and let one of my kids go. That said, I will let the Celtics battle this one out on their own as the Sox are a no-brainer for me and this Bruins series really has my interest. And if the Celts are in a fight when the fourth quarter rolls around, perhaps I’ll get my boy Ken to flip the TVs.  As for the draft, I am perfectly content to see those names flash by on a scroll and read about them later tonight.  

So, with a big night on tap, here are a few thoughts on The Grand Slam in a truncated Boston Mashup:

* After Wednesday night’s overtime struggle, this is what my friend, The Hammer, had to say about the Boston-Buffalo series:   Currently 3-1 Bruins.  The least entertaining series of the eight.  Neither team can score and they don’t look good trying.  Good goalies and not many other good players to watch.  Boston won’t close the deal even though they are up 3-1. Prediction: Sabres in seven. Mind you, The Hammer offered that “landscape” thought after watching 47 game time minutes of Western Conference Hockey and probably another 30 minutes of the two games just played in Boston. Throw in the fact that The Hammer was debuting on the radio Saturday and saw ZERO minutes of Game Two and his opinion gets downgraded from neutral to sell.

* I can’t pretend with a straight face to call myself a hockey “Fan.” And I readily admit that the Bruins are only a Tier III team for me. But I am pretty into this series.  This Bruins team may not be elegant but they are physical and they are working their ass off. I doubt this club can generate enough offense to advance another round, assuming they put away Buffalo, but It will be interesting to see whether Savard can come back and gin up that power play. If he can and Rask steps up from good to great, then who knows what will happen in the conference semis.

* I can’t watch Vladimir Sabotka play for the Bs and not think back to season II of The Wire. Truth be told, Vladimir plays a little like Frank ran that union …… rough and dirty.

* I was playing around this afternoon on and I confirmed what my eyes have been telling me: The Celtics really are a better team when Glen Davis is on the floor. Of the units that play the most together, the combo of Rondo, Allen, PP, BB and Perkins is the best Celtic unit when you are talking +/-. You can swap KG for Perkins and the numbers are still good but the key variable is Davis. And you know why? Because he is the only guy on the team that has a nose for offensive rebounds and he works his ass off. What I am saying is the other night should not have been a big surprise. The Celts played well without KG in the playoffs last season and the numbers confirm that the Celts do play well with Baby. I don’t suspect Doc is going to relegate KG to the bench anytime soon but maybe that isn’t such a bad idea.

* Building on that Davis idea …why don’t the Celts try out this rotation. Start Baby with the other four starters, less KG. Give BB six  minutes and then give KG his 12 minutes. This will allow the Celts to have a better scorer on the floor when the second team comes in at the end of the first quarter. You then swap Davis back at the six minute mark. In the second half, you can then boost the minutes of a rested KG by giving him some of Perk’s 4Q minutes. Regardless of how this all fits together, the moral to the story is Baby should be playing more.

* I don’t care much for this Heat team and will be glad to see them discharged quickly.  First off, I am embarrassed that I once had Michael Beasley pegged so wrong. And two, I have always loathed Quentin Richardson. Q has always struck me as a punk whose attitude far outpaces his game.  Call me crazy, but that combo is a turnoff.

* As far as the draft goes ….. I am still looking for that pass rusher, and guy who can catch and a defensive lineman. With that wish list, I am bracing for Belichick to take a safety, a guard and a nose tackle with tonight’s three 2nd rounders.


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