“JD Drew ….. What Are You Laughing At?

With all eyes trained on David Ortiz (The Smoke Monster), JD Drew’s punk start has flown under the radar this season But that may be about to change. For the record, after today’s o’fer, Drew is 4/28 with THIRTEEN strikeouts. And when he isn’t striking out, he leads the American League in harmless groundouts to second.

So between Drew and Ortiz, the Red Sox have got three extra base hits and 26 strikeouts from their two big left-handed bats. That is hardly a good recipe for producing runs. Now it’s possible Drew is fighting an injury and if that is the case, I suspect that Francona will say something about it today or tomrrow. But injured or not, Drew is struggling and if it continues deep into the weekend, you can bet he will hear about it.

* On Tax Day 2009, Tim Wakefield pitched out in Oakland and filed a “game” return that featured these line items: five perfect innings and 7.1 no-hit innings. Fast forward a year and the results were not so pretty. Wakefield was good enough through four but that fifth was a chore, highlighted by two ropes and a cheap dunk off the bat of Denard Span. And in the sixth, the defense let him down as Beltre chunked a throw and Martinez was guilty of making a ridiculous fielding decision. All in all, Wakefield wasn’t sharp.

But neither was the rest of the team as the Sox  got out-hit, out-pitched and out-defended. Twins pitcher Francisco Liriano was throwing quality strikes, the Sox squandered some early opportunities, the Twins offense was squaring up everything and the Sox were a mess in the field all afternoon. Maybe it was due to this being getaway day, but the Sox were never in this one.

* The defense has been pretty good to date, but today was another story. Victor Martinez was the worst culprit, throwing one ball away and then making another boneheaded move that handed the Twins their sixth run. Other than Martinez, Hall made a couple of poor plays in center and even Beltre had a lapse when he overcooked a throw to first. The one exception was Scutaro who made a tremendous play in the hole to take a hit away from Cuddyer. It was a ball that Lugo wouldn’t have sniffed and one that Nick Green would have thrown into the stands.  

* Did Bill Hall really 130 games in center for the 2007 Brewers or is that a baseball-reference joke? I realize he is the Red Sox third option in center but Bill Hall sure didn’t look too comfortable out there today.

* With a naked eye, it seems like the Sox are whiffing an awful lot this year but the season total is just 63. At 7.0 per game, the Sox are whiffing at almost the same rate they did last year.


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