Where Did Stewart Get the Idea for that Confederate History Rant?

On April 7, I had this to say about Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s decision to recognize April as Confederate History Month ……

First of all, I would like to throw my support behind McDonnell just as soon as he joins me in my call to set up a Federal Holiday, on April 9th, that celebrates Robert E. Lee’s decision to SURRENDER his forces at Appomattox Court House. If McDonnell wants to join me in celebrating this great moment in FEDERAL history, when the insurrection was finally crushed and the issue of whether states have any rights was settled once and for all, then he can have his dopey Confederate History Month.

You can read the entire rant here.

And then yesterday, I found that John Stewart had followed my path on his April 8th Daily Show.

Jon Stewart on Confederate History Month

Now I am not implying Stewart is stealing my stuff. Just a hunch, but logic tells me that he or one of his writers were NOT one of the 21 hits I got last Wednesday. But what I am saying is good minds think alike and Jon, if you do see this, how about you give me a shot at a DS writing gig?


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One response to “Where Did Stewart Get the Idea for that Confederate History Rant?

  1. molly

    Happy Birthday Mr Jefferson indeed.

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