Masters Sunday Mashup – Boston Edition

A couple things first and then on to my Boston licks ……..

I like Phil to win today but I am pulling for Freddy.

I certainly don’t want Corky ( Lee Westwood) from “Life Goes On” to win.

Phil is already a HOF in my book but a third Green Jacket has to lock it up even for his critics. A Championship today would give him four majors and a ton of tour titles. Simply, he has been the number two player for almost fifteen years. How can that not be a hall of famer?  

* Looking forward to Treme tonight. Count me in the group that thinks The Wire was the greatest show ever made (Season III may be the greatest “anything” ever made) and while I understand Treme will be different, I am expecting a home run from David Simon. Also looking forward to Episode V of The Pacific. Tonight, the Marines fight for Peleliu, a total horror show. I was a big fan of Band of Brothers and think The Pacific is more than holding its own. HBO’s one-two punch over the next six Sunday’s might as well be named Utley and Howard.


That sure was a big day for Boston Hockey. The Bruins lock up a playoff spot in the afternoon and BC wins the NCAA title seven hours later. I can’t claim to know ANYTHING about BC’s hockey program, other than the fact that it is real good. So I will cover that by simply saying: Congratulations Eagles.

* Meanwhile, the Bruins locked up their playoff ticket by accomplishing one of the strangest feats in NHL history. Who scores three short-handed goals on one penalty? I’ll tell you ……. The Eastern Conference’s 2010 Six Seed, the Boston Bruins. Now this has been a pretty ugly year for the Bs, especially coming off such a disappointing end to the 2009 season (game seven losers to Carolina).  Injuries bit this team early, there was a ten game losing streak in January, they couldn’t replace Phil Kessell and the Bs never did get the offense cranked up.  And when the Bruins lost Marc Savard to a criminal elbow from Penguin Matt Cooke, I thought the club would pack it in. But they didn’t. Rask has given them great goaltending and they have managed to do enough on offense to scrape by. And for that, they deserve a heap of credit. Now watch them roll over like dogs in the first round ………

The Bruins have been great at killing penalties, third in the league, but it’s pretty hard to fathom a unit turning one penalty into three goals. Much to my surprise, it turns out that Winnipeg had once scored three shorties in just under five minutes. Boston’s feat shattered that record, but I was shocked to see that Jets record on the books.

Regardless of who they play in the first round, the Bruins are gonna have to step up their production on the power play. I mean, of course, when they are the ones who have the extra man. The Bruins are riding a 0-23 streak on the PP and it looks like they will finish the year ranked around 24th in the league when it comes to conversions. Not good. That being said, Tuuka Rask had the best save percentage in the entire league this year so he alone gives the Bruins a shot in a seven game series. Rask also leads in “fewest goals against” and it just so happens that the Bruins will now face either the second or fourth ranked goalies in that category: Ryan Miller and Marty Broduer. Who wants to see some defense?

* It was a strange night in Celtic land. First, Bill Raftery was playing for Tommy Heinson. And then the Celtics actually showed up and played a decent game in Milwaukee. Who would have thunk? There was no KG but Pierce went crazy in the second half, the turnovers were way down, Sheed brought his best game (which is about a C+ at this point) and the Bucks helped out with a total team meltdown with two minutes to play. But tell me this …… if the Celts wanted to catch Atlanta, they sure haven’t played like it of late. So if they are resigned to being the four seed, don’t they want Milwaukee? You know, the Milwaukee team that doesn’t have Andrew Bogut? I would think the Bucks are a much more favorable matchup but if that is the case, why didn’t they tank last night? Instead, the Celt win makes it much more likely that Miami steals that five seed and the Celts open with the Heat. Now the Heat are hardly the 96 Bulls but for my money, I would rather take my chances with a team that doesn’t have Dwayne Wade. But hey, my name isn’t Doc Rivers and it just so happens that I am not an idiot.

* I read this morning that the Celtics think they might be the 1995 Rockets and can turn a mediocre regular season into a big playoff winner. First off, that Rocket team had Hakeem Olajuwon, one year removed from an MVP. He just so happened to be the best player in the league. Who is that player on this Celtic roster? And another thing, in 1995, the best player in basketball was playing baseball. In 2010, the best player in basketball is waiting for the Celtics in round two.

* I was reading ESPN magazine on the ca this morning and I got to that amazingly annoying section where Stuart Scott shares his asinine thoughts with the world. For those who don’t know, and probably don’t care, Scott is a giant infomercial for the world of sports. Athletes are always right. Critics never consider all the relevant info. God is a pretty big deal. You get the point, I presume. Anyways, a reader asked Scott whether he thought Lebron, out of respect to MJ, was disrespecting Bill Russell by switching his number to six. Scott, predictably, said no:  “Lebron has nothing to justify. His desire to honor MJ implies no disrespect for Russell.” I disagree.  James is going out of his way to switch numbers, in what amounts to a PR stunt. And he has chosen a new number that just so happens to have been worn by a guy whose face is up there on the NBAs Mount Rushmore. I realize there are a finite of available numbers, but he had to choose six? If this was some tribute to history, Lebron could use a history lesson.    

* There has been some talk that the Pats might be interested in Bills running back Marshawn Lynch. I ask: don’t the Pats already have Marshwan Lynch? His name is Laurence Maroney.  

* I don’t know where the Pats are headed with this draft but here is my wish list. With a first and three seconds, I want the Pats to select: A defensive end, a pass rusher, a wide receiver and please, nobody named Tim Tebow.  I don’t want that clown in New England and it bothers me that it just might happen. Just remember this, BB is tight with Urban Meyer and Meyer is in love with Tebow. Now BB is not going to do Meyer any favors, especially as it involves a valuable pick, but if Meyer gets in BBs ear, I can see this happening.  And that would suck.

* So Mike Lowell says 2010 will be it? Can’t say I am surprised as that hip looks like it still bothers him. I realize that Lowell was a creature of Fenway Park but he was still one of my favorite players to ever wear a RS uniform. Very classy guy. Always willing to stand up and be quoted, even after a tough loss. But unassuming and almost sheepish. I just dug the guy’s temperament. God, listen to me. Sounds like I want to date the guy ……anyways, he was a big part of that 2007 win and if he hadn’t got injured, he may have been the difference in 2008. Yeah, he cost the Sox a lot of treasure but he turned out to be one of the best throw in(s) in Red Sox trade history.


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